Your Stories II

Once again, I bring you some inspiring excerpts from my blog reads for this week. I love to read blogs as much as I love to keep my own. Sharing and picking up on new ideas and engaging in discussion makes the blogging world go round. Read. Share. Participate. Enjoy.

I’m on week 2 of Tony Robbin’s Personal Power program, and today was all about improving your state and enhancing your life by asking better, more quality questions. I wanted to share this eye opening lesson with you all! How we feel determines how we perform and behave, and how we feel can be directly affected by physical changes that truly affect how we feel such as standing up straight in a powerful, confident posture, smiling, etc. and secondly by changing what we pay attention to.

Ask Better Questions, Get Better Results – Husband-Lifter-Writer-Man

Pain => Reflection => Progress

Progress – Khairil Sianipar

Here are five reasons to start going to therapy.  If any of the following are true for you: really consider therapy as an option toward healing.
1. You don’t feel like yourself mentally or emotionally
2. You find yourself being triggered by and ruminating on events in your past
3. You are having difficulty in your relationships
4. You are dealing with a major life transition
5. You physically feel symptoms in your body: tension, frequent nausea, headaches, panic, fatigue

5 Reasons to Start Therapy – Counseling with Leslie

Click on the blog links and explore the wonderful work published by these bloggers further. They have some amazing, insightful content that won’t disappoint.

Click here to learn more about The Momentum Project.

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