The Momentum Project is about the persistent journey for growth and better, the journey of a life that we aspire to live as successful and thoroughly enjoyed. Here, you will find the stories of what it takes to make a better life. Whatever your version of the next step is, this space is about the support, best practices, and resources we all need to find along the way. Follow my own real, personal journey as I navigate through all this. My focus is on three aspects that influence the quality of life:

MINDSET – Our thoughts control our choices and futures. Let’s make them about power and positivity.

AWARENESS – Knowledge can raise in us a thirst to do more and empower us to do it better.

LIFESTYLE – Our habits determine who we are. But we can form and evolve them to grow as we want.

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Your Stories II

Once again, I bring you some inspiring excerpts from my blog reads for this week. I love to read blogs as much as I love to keep my own. Sharing and picking up on new ideas and engaging in discussion makes the blogging world go round. Read. Share. Participate. Enjoy.

Taking Back Mental Health

Though not easy, physical health is a lot more approachable to identify issues and make improvements. Mental health can be much more complex and is often ignored but it is so important. Like when we make a diet or exercise commitment to just feel healthy, taking action towards mental health does not mean something must … Continue reading Taking Back Mental Health

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